Wednesday, October 7, 2009

clad in slippers

Some lovely parts of today... time-lapse videos, new anthropologie catalog, and dabbling with watercolor and ink. Somehow, they are all connected.

And to top it off is the continuation of lovely fall weather here in southern california. Three cheers for socks turned inside out and moccasin slippers worn all day.


  1. Oh, please keep dabbling. I bet you could do lots of really lovely things with water color.

  2. beautiful, again, lindsay. i miss you.

    and i know. the anthropologie catalogue in the mail is always a pleasant site... why is it?

  3. this is wonderful lindsay :) and strangely enough i'm painting a pinned moth in my illustration class
    and yes the lovely anthropologie catalogue :) my mom sister and i all gathered around to look at it as soon as we got it :) there was a flutter of "oh this would look so great on you" and "i want my room to look like this" haha, good times.
    P.S. ireallyloveyourpainting