Friday, October 30, 2009

hello again

Oh man. I have been so neglectful of this poor blog. I have been crafting more than usual, I just haven't gotten a chance to post about it yet. Allison and I have begun planning christmas early this year so I've stayed busy shopping, planning, collaborating, and... making ornaments ^_^. So far I have made two and as soon as I have pictures I will post them. 

But tomorrow is halloween/harvestday/reformationday/whateverwhocaresanyway. What it really comes down to is candy and tricker-treating. And meeting new people and dancing. So in light of that, here is what I drawed for our halloween neighborhood bbq flyers. 

Tonight is dressing up and dancing and it is so good because I haven't been to a dance party in a long time.

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  1. i love this :) hope your having lots of fun at the party dear! and good luck with tomorrow i love the flyer! xoxoxooxoxo